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Injuries and Conditions

  • Running
    ‘Runners knee’ could be patellofemoral pain, Tendonopathy, iliotibial pain friction syndrome. Low back and hip pain from muscular imbalances

  • Cycling
    Hip pain, could be Femoral Acetabular Impingement , knee pain from Maltracking Patella. Back pain from poor posture on the bike and bike set-up.

  • Gym/Swimming
    Shoulder pain, could be from impingement, muscle imbalances, muscle strains, sprains. Low back injuries from incorrect technique.

  • Tennis/Golf
    ‘Tennis’/ ‘Golfers’ Elbow , from tendon overuse, tendonopathy. Back pain from technique/muscle imbalances, knee pain from medial ligament strain.

  • Football
    Ankle, knee and hip sprains/ injuries, hamstring strains, fractures, groin pain and injuries.

  • Snow Sports
    Medial and anterior cruciate ligament knee injuries, skier’s thumb, snowboarders ankle fractures/ wrist injuries.